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Try your hand at Kintsugi, mending broken pottery with precious metals

Discover how this age-old, sustainable art form collides with wabi-sabi philosophy


Kintsugi is a centuries-old technique for fixing broken pottery with precious metals. Kintsugi translates to “golden joinery,” mending damaged pottery by joining the pieces with natural resin (urushi) and sprinkling the joints with gold powder (maki-e) before polishing them. This revered maki-e technique is a closely kept secret amongst Kintsugi artisans and follows Japanese concepts including the aesthetic of wabi-sabi, a tradition of accepting and finding beauty in transience and imperfection. Beyond this, the

art of Kintsugi is recognized as a sustainable practice, where old, discarded objects are given a new lease of life. Learn from Kintsugi master Showzi Tsukamoto during this gold joinery workshop
as your broken pottery is reborn into a beautiful piece of art. Following the workshop, your host will perform a samurai-style tea ceremony service and explain the philosophy and history behind Kintsugi. You’ll leave the workshop with a sense of accomplishment and a treasured memento of your experience.

Kintsugi Souke

La Casa Minaminagasaki #401, 5-1-10 Minaminagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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