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Workshop Tour (OVR)

Kintsugi on ceramics

Kintsugi on leather


<No.1> Workshop Kintsugi on Leather ~ Kintsugi Showzi 


<No.2> Masking tape over all but the patterned parts and start etching leather with sandblaster


<No.3> Etching leather with sandblaster - completed


<No.4>Apply black urushi(lacquer)on etched leather part


<No.5> Applying black urushi 


<No.6>Drying black urushi in 70% humidity and set to 25℃ environment


<No.7> When black urushi is dried, polish the surface with charcoal until it is smooth


<No.8> Maki-E Process ~ Apply e-urushi(red lacquer)


<No.9> Maki-E Process ~ Sprinkle golden powder


<No.10> Maki-E Completed